Helping people use psychedelic journeys to heal their past, reconnect with their essence, and feel a deep sense of peace and joy.


Elevating Consciousness through Psychedelic Journeys and Integration

I’m Odette – Plant Medicine Guide, Spiritual Ally & Psychedelic Integration Coach.

And I’m here to walk you home.

But what is home, where is our home?

To me, coming home means arriving at the centre of who we are… meeting our soul, our spirit, the epicentre of our true self, where joy, well-being, spiritual integrity, and inner peace reside.


Yet many of us feel lost. Our lives feel like an unsolvable puzzle… an emptiness that we can’t quite put our finger on.

We’re stuck in jobs without meaning, relationships that aren’t fulfilling our deep desires, lives that feel boring, dull, and mediocre at best – or worse; toxic, draining, and unfulfilling to our soul.

Somewhere along the way we’ve lost the magic.

And for those committed to finding it again, it feels extra frustrating when we’re just not getting the breakthrough we crave.
The road seems long and never-ending – like there’s no end in sight.

Can you relate?

You’ve been on a path of personal growth but keep hitting the same blocks over and over.

You feel stuck in your old patterns, wounds, or trauma, and just can’t seem to move past your anxiety, depression, PTSD, or whatever it is that holds you back.

You’ve tried all kinds of healing modalities whether it’s talk therapy, tapping, reading self-help books, ra-ra seminars that pump you up for the day…. maybe even putting crystals on your third eye (yup me too!), but nothing really works – nothing goes deep enough to settle your feeling of “there must be more”.

Or you might find yourself asking if you’re just expecting too much. Maybe you should settle and be grateful instead?

You’re out of alignment and it’s frustrating as hell.

I know exactly what that feels like. Because I’ve been there myself.
I’d been a seeker and an achiever my entire life.

I believed that all I needed to be happy was a big house, a 7-figure business, a family, a white picket fence…
you know the drill. (And even as I write this, it all still sounds so wonderful)!

So I worked hard to tick off all the boxes:


I got married,

had kids,

moved to the suburbs,

and built my career.

After building multiple businesses over the years, always striving to be on top, I finally hit a milestone in 2018… one I had always dreamed of:
In one weekend, I made a whopping $250,000 from an audience of 18 people. As a speaker coach, I was now considered to be one of the gurus – I had cracked the formula.

But you know what? Instead of feeling ecstatic or proud, I felt empty or that I could have still done more.
People around me would say “Are you kidding me?

What more do you want?”

Then the guilt and shame set in. Why was I never enough? Where was my happiness? It wasn’t here.

Meanwhile, I had lived a life in the fast lane when it came to personal development – years of investing in expensive coaches, 100’s of programs, reading books, experimenting with all kinds of conventional (and not-so-conventional) healing methods to fix me.
I had tried (almost) everything to help me find that missing piece to my puzzle … but NOTHING had gone to the root of my discontentment.

And while I had cracked the formula and could have just gone on making money, I completely lost my drive and passion.
I stopped all of my business activities and fell into a depression.

By that point I was so desperate I would have tried ANYTHING.

When I was invited to a retreat in Costa Rica that included Ayahuasca, I said yes on a whim.
Aya – what?? I’d never heard of it before…

No words can express the experience I had when I went into that jungle.
I swallowed the medicine.
And I can only describe it like this:
I saw who I had become. It wasn’t pretty.
The deepest and darkest part of myself reared its ugly head.
But I could see it all with clarity and compassion.
The brutal anxiety that had driven me to control everything around me for my entire life, dissolved into a gaping hole.
And there it was: the truest essence of myself.
And I was beautiful.
My heart.
My soul.
My spirit.
Buried under a mountain of shame and guilt. Rejection and sadness.
And I could let it all go.
I felt a burden lifting off my shoulders that I didn’t even know had been there.

For the first time in my life, I felt whole and complete.
For the first time.
I was 52 years old.

All it took had already been inside of me.
And a little cup of sticky, horrible tasting plant juice from the Amazon helped me see it.

As I kept coming back for more – more than I can count with my two hands – ceremony after ceremony led me deeper into my authentic self, helped me find my voice. The path I was meant to walk lit up right in front of me.

And that’s how I found my way home.

Spiritual Alliance

Now, over to you…

What would it feel like if you could let your mind go, feeling a deep sense of peace – your heart radiant and open?

What would your life be like if you were free of your shackles, your limitations, your worries, your fears?

What if you let your walls come down, your true essence bursting through…

Willing to move into the next layer and face your shadows?
Ready to breakthrough?
Take my 3-min quiz to find out if you are ready to go a level deeper

Imagine just for a second…

Nothing is holding you back anymore: hurt and pain from the past has dissolved

 Any anger, blame, or resentment has turned into an old story, – one you can tell with compassion for your old self and those that have hurt you

Your relationships are thriving and filled with real intimacy,  joy, and mutual respect – and the ones that aren’t aligned have fallen away

You are finally living your life, on your terms – turning                               old dreams and ideas into reality, daring to fail, daring to succeed, daring to be seen for all that you are

What would your life look like?
What would it feel like?

It’s time to look within.
Because that truest version of you is already inside of you.
You must reconnect with your essence.

About Odette

Odette Peek is a certified Psychedelic Integration Coach and Plant Medicine Guide.

As a business leader, Odette has worked with thousands of people helping them build successful businesses through mindset and Soul Story work.

After realizing she needed to stop looking for validation and approval in the outside world, she went on a soul-shaking journey into the jungle, where a psychedelic experience finally brought her back to herself.

She is now on a mission to share the beautiful gifts she has uncovered in the spirit and power of plant medicine with people that are looking for
deep healing and alignment so they can finally find the peace and joy
they have been craving in their life for so long.

Odette holds a degree in Clinical and Social Psychology, and a diploma in Social Service work, with a varied scope of experience: Odette was known as the ‘Erin Brockovich’, aka case manager, for families with children who suffered from developmental disabilities, including autism.

She is trained in suicide intervention and prevention and has worked for the Victorian Order of Nurses in their Gerontology department. Her true passion was working with those of all ages who were palliative and their bereaved families.

In her work, Odette draws on integrative, holistic approaches such as mind-body therapy, relational and family counselling, mindfulness, career and business coaching and has extensive experience in guiding and supporting her clients with challenging circumstances such as interpersonal conflict, trauma, grief, anxiety, and depression.

Odette’s favourite thing in the world is travelling to soulful places and letting her soul wander with the help of sound healing, sweat lodges, meditation, breath work, and shamanic healing ceremonies.

At the age of 54, Odette sold and gave away everything she owned in Canada and made the final move to live in Costa Rica.


I help spiritual seekers use psychedelic journeys to transform their lives and move into a state of embodied self-worth, deep alignment and deep-rooted, inner peace, and joy. As a certified Psychedelic Integration Coach, I offer not only guided ceremonies but specialize in psychedelic integration services for individuals and groups, pre- and post-ritual coaching,

helping you intentionally prepare and mindfully integrate your learning
after your experience (this is often the forgotten piece!).

Follow the links below to find out more in-depth information about my one-on-one private and group  ceremonies. 

In addition, I offer consultations for those considering psychedelics as the next step on their healing journey.

We Cover…

​Addressing any personal fears or concerns

Setting intentions in alignment with your individual needs

‘Set and Setting’, and safety protocol

Reflecting and understanding of your experience

Processing trauma and challenges you might have discovered

Alchemizing your insights into tangible takeaways for your daily life, path, relationships, and future endeavors

Why hire a certified Psychedelic Integration Coach?

Integration is EVERYTHING.

Going on a plant medicine or psychedelic journey is no easy feat.
It offers us an insight into our own psyche that would otherwise require a lifetime of shadow work,
take years to untangle, or may never be uncovered at all.

But seeing your truth doesn’t automatically equal improvement in your well-being.
To use our experiences as tools for growth we need to get deeper into our authenticity,
shed light in the dark places inside ourselves so that we may shine that light back out into the world.

I keep you focused on the true purpose of the journey and together we develop and
hold your intention so you can walk your path with courage, trust, and an open heart.

We prepare by honing in on the three keys to a successful experience:
set, setting, and intention to make sure you feel safe and held during your journey.

Together we process emotions and trauma that may (or may not) reveal itself during your journey.
We translate them into a cohesive story to express your truth and turn them into positive stepping stones towards new meaning and purpose in your life.

Being in alignment IS our direct connection to Source.

With my help you can fully step into what I call ‘Spiritual Alliance’ –
a state where you are deeply connected to Source; knowing and trusting that Spirit is there to guide you.

Once you are ‘plugged in’, you are fully trusting and surrendering to your life, your heart wide open,
one with the universe.

And you will have become the creator of your life.

What others Say about Working with Odette

Odette’s coaching has literally transformed me from the inside out. Together we mapped out a plan for my life and my career, and letting go what does not serve me anymore. I have such a beautiful life – thank you! 🙏🏼 A.S.

Odette has helped me gain the clarity I so desperately needed. She helped me get past the noise in my head, the pain in my heart and the fear in my ability to take action. I am finally, finally! able to move forward in a new, healthy relationship with myself (and my new partner)! C.P.

With Odette’s coaching, I finally found the root cause of why I was feeling so stuck in every area of my life. Odette lifted the veil that had cast a dark shadow for most of my life. I’ve never felt more self aware, and self accepting – to say I love myself used to be impossible, but now, I wake up every morning truly feeling alive!  B.F.

I used to suffer from extreme anxiety and depression because of a childhood trauma. Odette’s coaching was the light at the end of a really dark tunnel. Her patience, understanding and guidance was the strength I needed to redefine my life on my own terms. Thank you so much Odette!  V.C.


I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me today.
I’m ready to hold a sacred container for you and your experience and guide you through this
special journey that your soul has chosen.

Are you ready?


We offer Spiritual Alliance Retreats for those seeking deeper immersion.
Events are held in  Costa Rica, and other locations upon request.

Please contact us directly at for private retreats and events.

Past Events…


Please note that while this event is geared towards business owners, 

we offer all kinds of immersions, not limited to entrepreneurs.

Psychedelic Integration Therapy is about harm reduction and post-integration support.
Medicine is served only in places as legally permitted by location.


Happy Anniversary to me!🎂

Happy Anniversary to me!🎂
August marks year 1 of me living the dream by moving to Costa Rica in 2021 at the age of 54.
I burned the boats!
Not going to pretend that it has been all rainbows and butterflies – it’s been a crazy, wild journey.
Often I said Pura f**king Vida!
An endless array of ‘firsts’.
A lot of major life stuff has happened this year back home (to which I did return of course!)
My daughter Michaela and Alex’s wedding (best wedding ever) 💒👰‍♀️
My youngest daughter’s boyfriend suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (Bill (and Briana) are doing so well) 🏥❤️‍🩹⛑❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️🙏
Getting a tattoo that reads: “Life is an Adventure”🤪
and so much more….
Here’s what I learned living in Costa Rica:
🌟a new language
🌟flash lights are more important than food
🌟if you accomplish one task a day – you are a super star
🌟patience – that needed to be said twice!
🌟driving + Costa Rica mountains = weekly near death experiences
🌟it is stupid not to have road side assistance
🌟what true blackness really is
And the most important lesson is this…
💥🔥you are never too old to start living the life you dream
and that Life truly is an Adventure
Pura Vida🐒❤️🙏🍄

Scary Costa Rican SNAKE (Fer-de-lance) story!

Scary Costa Rican SNAKE (Fer-de-lance) story!🐍

I am absolutely terrified of snakes – extreme phobia and deepest fear I have (of all the fears I could have that might seem more realistic to come true , I fear the near impossible). The kind of fear that grips you so hard- even looking at a photo of a snake would cause me to have a near heart attack.

That shit has got to be a past life!

One might ask; “Well why would you move to the jungles of Costa Rica?” Believe me, I have asked that myself a lot. 😏
Snakes are plentiful here and what’s most important to note is that about 22 species of the 137, are poisonous. Only about 300 people a year get bitten.
So, back to me.
I came to Costa Rica for many reasons and I truly had to wrap my head around being ok with the snake population. Everyone I spoke to reassured me that I would probably not run into a snake. “I’ve been here 7 years and haven’t even seen a snake!” was the typical convo with ex pats.
But I guess the universe wanted to shake up my world ( if the allergic reaction to ant bites, scorpion biting my roommate, mouse in my washing machine after I did a load 😲 and big ass spiders in my bathroom weren’t enough) – she did throw in a few big-ass butterflies my way. 🧚‍♀️
As it turned out, I didn’t need to go to the jungle, i just needed to have a carport and She brought the SNAKE to me – right to my door step. What I didn’t know at the time, snakes seek shelter from rain storms (hello-it’s friggin rainy season till Nov.). Out of the 40 or so homes in La Eco Villa (check out hottie Zack Efron’s show on Netflix – Down to Earth), conscious community of tree-hugging lovers, a fer-de-lance decided to seek shelter on MY DRIVEWAY 10 feet from the front door.
The whole ‘stomp your feet and they will slither away’ is total BS. A 20 year old 4 x4 , built like an army truck, didn’t scare away this guy away.
As I unloaded my car, unbeknownst to me, there was a snake sleeping peacefully all tucked away from the rain 🌂 I actually thought it was a dog poop!
As I went to the back door of the car (I am now 12 inches away), slow-mo kicks in – I look down, snake looks up at me, I am about to take another innocent step and I watch as he begins to uncoil and, as if saying to himself; “take another step lady and your done for it” -my foot in mid step down, still hanging in the air – he lashes out at me and tries to BITE ME.
 A dead-in-two-hours-kind of bite from a Fer-de-Lance. Holy M**ther**cker I am about to become a statistic.
I jump away, high tail it into the house and proceed to have the biggest, most epic, breakdown of my life. Sobbing, hyperventilating, shaking, somatic release from head to toe at the same time.
Frozen with fear AND I had a pot luck dinner to go to across the street in an hour. Shit. I have to go back OUT THERE (at 6 pm, Costa Rica goes cave-like black when the sun sets).
 Fast forward an hour – snake is gone, my room mate won’t let me stay home alone and forces me to buck up and go the pot luck, with wine in hand, and rubber boots on my feet (I was hoping that getting smashed would help) we walked the 48 seconds to the house across the street. An eternity!
My biggest fear showed up on my door step (clearly I needed to get over this already), and forced me to look at it, experience it, embrace it, release it, and move on from it.
I didn’t realize all of what was wrapped up in this phobia, what was slowing me down and stopping me from truly being/doing/living and so on.
I got to say – the phobia is gone. Like seriously gone. Downgraded to a mild fear if I was to come in contact with one again.
I can look at a photo and not gasp for air (baby steps, ok)! I can walk freely (on the path, on a sunny day, with my flowery rubber boots – aka snake boots – have my fingers crossed behind my back and a machete in my hand (ok that part I am lying about ). Wild, eh?
But seriously, I felt a tremendous amount of healing take place the moment I released. Loud enough for all of Nicagraua and Panama to hear me – just saying.
I did write about it:
Dear Universe, I totally love and accept all the wonderful teachings you are providing me, but do you think you can lay off me for a while and show me more rainbows and unicorns?
Not the kind I see when I am on a plant medicine induced journey.🐸🍄
Just the regular, pretend life is perfect, head in the clouds kind?
Mucho f**king gracias 🙏 Ms. Universe
Said with love❤ and 🌈
Your faithful one, Odette
PS. I wear my rubber boots everywhere because they are pretty and fashionable with lululemon shorts – not because it is raining outside all the time and that snakes like shelter from the rain.


View from my coffee shop – heaven? I hope so❤️

Miracles and Learning Curves

Well I’ve been living in Costa Rica for a month now and I got to say…it’s been miraculous and a steep learning curve. 
If you ever want to get to know the real YOU, move to a completely different country, condense your old life into mere suitcases, don’t speak the language, leave family and friends back home, no ready-made-community waiting for you, recreate rituals and routines (everything work differently here!), re-learn ALL the day-to-day-auto-pilot activities like speaking, grocery shopping, banking, driving ..the list is endless! 
 My ego self just craves familiarity and routine to create a sense of ‘normal’. 
So much of life here in Costa Rica is way easier, and some stuff is sooo way harder. Like mind blowing harder. And wayyyy slower. Raining in that North American its-got-to-be-done-yesterday does not work here!
Here are the ‘safe’ activities that keep my feet on the ground:
🙏 got a Costco membership (called price smart) (like a kid in a candy store!)
🙏 finding wifi (every where I go) 
🙏 joined a local gym ( no air conditioning!)
🙏 many video chats with my kids (life saver)
🙏 laughing over absolutely everything (with my amazing roommate – and she is from Oakville too – crazy!)
🙏getting regular massages ($25 vs $100 back home!)
🙏swimming in the infinity pool that overlooks jungle (but checking to see if there are any wild creatures swimming too!)
🙏found an amazing coffee shop!
🙏participating in cacao ceremony and soft plant medicine jungle-walks (may sound unsafe but it’s my kind of safe!)
Some bat-shit crazy stuff:
😲checking for scorpions before you sit on your couch or jump into bed 
😳 driving on 2 lane, seriously windy roads in the mountains with NO shoulders or protection barriers – of any kind – the view to your death plunge being a spectacular view of the most beautiful mountainous terrain
😲 pot holes the size of meteor creators – and no one calls 
😲 not forgetting to put your toilet paper in the garbage can instead of the toilet (I am averaging 50-50)
😳 for some reason my pathetic attempt at Spanish has me reverting to french, which I also don’t speak, but remember from grade school
😳I am allergic to any kind of insect bite (swelling, blistering – see offensive picture) 
My most valuable lesson in this crazy idea to give-up-everything-I-know, is this:
-Life is an adventure. 
-Life is meant to be spontaneous, joyful, crazy, plenty of ‘WTF-what was I thinking moments’. 
-Sweet dreams really are made of this. 🌈 Pura Vida!
Hey, since I’ve been sharing my adventures moving to Costa Rica, so many people have reached out to say that they are inspired by my leap of faith and it’s nudged them closer to their dreams – if you are needing a nudge, PM me!

I Live Here?!

Hola! I am here and the word’s “I live here’ gives me the goose bumps. Quite frankly it scares the shit out of me! So these past few days I have experienced all the emotions a human being has and many at the same time. 
Moving your life to another place, not having the safety net of everything that is familiar, is a bit of a shock to the system. Here are a few amazing pictures and reasons why I want to live here (the horse video is priceless!). 
I tried to write this post few a few days but struggled to find the words. As much as I would like to say ‘it’s been a blissful experience only’, it has been racked with ‘what the hell did I just do?!’ I didn’t realize how real it was till I had a few nights sleep and a question from someone ‘ so where do you live?” and I said ‘in Costa Rica’. That hit home. I. live. here. 
It both liberated me and had me do a check in – are you sure you want this?! And the answer is always ‘YES’. So I am in alignment with my dream, vision, desire – now I need to enjoy the growing pains – many of which I am sure I have no idea what they will be till they happen! Pura Vida and stay tuned for more….🥰🥰

Life Adventure Awaits

This is it folks – life adventure awaits!! it’s been a while since I have posted anything – and it’s a whammy. I am officially MOVING to live in Costa Rica on the 4th – tomorrow!!!. Two years I made a decision that I wanted to reignite with my hippy gypsy lifestyle I craved since I moved at the age 18 to travel Europe – living in Switzerland, Holland and England – I was gone for 5 years!
Now I am 54 years in, 2 adult children whom I will miss dearly, and a desire and passion to explore the wonderful world of the Costa Rican jungle, mountains, breath taking beach sunsets. Not going to lie – this past 2 months when the to do list kicked into HIGH gear – so much to do!
It was a crazy experience being in an ’embargo’ period of flying – my life is now in 5 suitcases. I sold my car, moved out of our place, gave away all of my furniture to my kids and sold to others, gave to charities. I literally have downsized my life to 5 suitcases (and a few bins in storage. Tomorrow is D-day and it starts at 1 am!
I have lived to the core, every emotion, every feeling, every WTF!! am I doing moments – ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I have had tremendous amount of support from so many fantastic people – you know who you are ❤ Briana Laurie my professional packer, Michaela Anneke Laurie my organizer for the house moving tasks, and so much more from them, my amazing daughters. I love you so so much – you are my sun shine, my only sun shine…I hope this inspires you to live your dreams, regardless of what others say.
I have my wonderful plant medicine community, and the plants themselves😲 guiding me down this scary as shit path. Be more in your heart and you will be ok was the message.
The hardest part for me these past few years is reading other people’s stories of health issues, cancer treatments, deaths of loved ones, failed relationships and businesses suffering – and I GET to GO and live my dream.
There is a sense of ‘why me’?. Why do I get to that and so many suffer? To you people – I am inspired by you, and my heart goes out to you finding your own peace, passion and way back to health. Stay strong.
As a healer in the plant medicine world, Plant medicine has been such a healing for me and why I am being called to be in Costa Rica as it aligns so beautifully with my heart and soul yearning to help others. Stay tuned, private and group retreats await you 🙂
In a healing journey I just partaked – thanks A and T – so much release of what does not serve me and helped me ‘close’ this chapter in a loving container to open the new book I am about to write! – the metaphor kind of book! Purda Vida😎😍

To Be

Crazy beautiful ocean sunsets with the waves crashing over rock- I could get used to this – as you can see! This really is the First day I felt grounded in my move to Costa Rica. One week in! Moments like this there are no thoughts of “WTF am I am doing with my life?” I’m just being❤️🙏

Integration support is crucial for true, deep healing

The key to thriving in your life, or having success in your business or career, is all about integrating and implementing what you learn and know to be true.
I used to be a seminar junkie, conference goer, educational sponge – I was learning a ton.
In my business I definitely took the advice from the experts, and I implemented all that I learned. I had great success in my businesses because of this.
But when it came to personal development, that’s a different story. Why? Because it was all about ME: my limiting beliefs, fears, attitudes, habits…and of those kinda sucked for me.
 I would try to integrate into my life what I learned, but if what I learned did’t work immediately, I would stop. My life felt pretty mediocre and I couldn’t seem to elevate my heart rate for personal ambition.
 I would feel the ‘ra-ra’ beat of the ‘you can do anything’ seminar music for days- you know that music, right?
I would say things to myself like: “Ok Odette, you got this, just do what they say and all your fears and worries will vanish forever”. That was often the inflated promise as you ran to the back of the room with your credit card waving high in the air, desperate to be one of the chosen few.
By Monday morning, a few emails and texts in, a few phone calls later, a program I would sit down to write…busy doing the work to get it done became way more important than who I was being while I was doing the do.
So why success in business and not so much in life? Well I was a doing hound. I could out do anyone. Get the job done, at all costs, kinda gal.
But when it came to personal growth work, by the time I got home and settled into day to day living, the old fears, habits and limiting beliefs would get the better of me.
When I was doing stuff, keeping busy, I did’t have to think or feel – I just did the work robotically,
Feeling my feelings was not something I wanted to do because that would mean I would have to look fear in the eye. My fear would win every single time.
The saying ‘success is on the other side of fear’ is a wonderfully true phrase – but getting to the other side is like swimming across an alligator and snake infested river in the Amazon.
Those personal development seminars and courses are all correct in what they teach – but they fail to teach you how to integrate the learning in to your day to day life when your old habits and fearful thoughts get the better of you.
The fears and thoughts need to be stopped dead in their tracks – in the moment they are thought. If not, they take over your mind just as fast as an alligator snaps it’s prey for dinner.
I’m a big believer in the healing power of plant medicine. It’s like a decade worth of personal development work boiled into one ceremony. Our fears live deep in our psyche, often passed down from our ancestors. Our limiting beliefs are entrenched at the cellular level and show up as anxiety, depression, auto immune, cancer and so many other ways.
But not everyone is ready for a journey that takes you deep into your psyche. I get that – it’s the fear of the unknown and the stigma that they are .drugs’. These plant medicines have been healing people for thousands of years – but it’s those old white men in powerful positions in the Nixon area that have lumped together these ancient brews with dangerous drugs such as heroin or cocaine (another blog on that topic).
Once you venture inside of yourself and see where and how your pain has come to be, only then can you heal it.
And that is where integration becomes the most important part of the healing process: implementing what you learned in your daily life.
Just like the personal development seminar junkies, Spirit Plant ceremonies require you to integrate what you learned.
Where ever the message comes from doesn’t matter. What matters is that you implement what you heard.
 When you come out of a ceremony or seminar, you will still face, and be in the space of what triggers you (memories, people, circumstances).
We can’t change our external triggers, but we can change our reaction; and that’s where we need the help.
Here are a few tips to help you – and they all start with you changing the relationship you have with yourself:
– Be curious about your emotions, not a victim (stop blaming)
– Be a witness to the drama, not the star of the show
– In the heat of the moment, ask yourself; ‘I’m I coming from love or fear?’ If it doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy, it’s fear
– Talk to yourself: ‘Why do I feel this way? What’s really behind the negative feelings? Why does he/she trigger me so much?’
– Believe in the statement; ‘Everything is happening for you, not to you’
– Be grateful when someone annoys the hell out of you – it’s showing you your Holy Grail
If you are ready to really let go of those harmful reactions to your triggers, whether you’ve participated in ceremonies or seminars, check out my story at , take my 3-min “Are you ready to face your shadow?’ quiz and book a 1:1 call with me. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship with yourself ❤️

What is your Soul Story?

Ok, it’s time my dear sweet Soul Sister and Brother – time to share all of who you are with the world.

A few years ago, I felt lost, and so completely unfulfilled about my life.
I was stuck in old patterns, dramas, felt super anxious about life and money and everything in between.
I was trying all sorts of ways to ‘fix’ myself; conferences, seminars, self-help books, therapy, you name, it I tried it.
What I didn’t realize was that I was more than stuck – I was wounded.
I had hurts that hadn’t quite healed – childhood hurts, teenage girl hurts, job hurts, marriage, kids, divorce hurts.
I just stuffed them down and tried to ‘get over them’. I was told ‘we all have stuff happen to us’ – push through and you will be ok.
But that feeling of ‘ok’ never quite arrived and stayed with me.
But one day an opportunity presented itself to me and it was the magic that transformed my life. It’s not for everyone, but it was my salvation and I never looked back.
I uncovered my soul, my purpose. And every day since then, I have been sharing my soul story with the world and creating meaningful impact in other people’s lives. This was all possible because I created a meaningful life where I no longer feel stuck, anxious or wounded.
I’d love to tell you my whole story here, and it’s a good one, but when you get a sec go ahead and read the whole story here on my site.
Because right now I want to talk about YOU.
I want to help you uncover your Soul Story – to help you heal your wounds.
So what is a Soul Story?
Your Soul Story is the very centre of who you are. It is your inner sense of meaning and purpose.
When you follow your Soul Story, you follow your inner sense, and automatically your life fills with meaning and purpose.
When you SHARE your Soul Story, someone else’s life fills with meaning and purpose and so on and so on…that is the true ripple effect of IMPACT.
Your whole life is made up of life experiences that I call your “Soul Story Moments”. They come from life’s messy experiences, triumphs and A-Ha Moments. They can also come from being witness to other people’s experiences.
A collection of these Soul Story Moments is the foundation of your “Soul Story” and the catalyst for your Mission.
Your Soul Story is your Superpower and Super Connector to the world and is, in fact, your unique Signature.
So how do you define your Soul Story?
In one of three easy steps:
• Your Mess
• Your Moment
• Your Mission
(or you can bear witness to someone else’s Mess, Moment or Mission – think MADD or Me to We).
The problem is that most people don’t take the time to get to know themselves well enough (quite frankly who really wants to re-live the messy moments we so craftly stuff it down into repression).
The shame in that is we don’t tap into what our heart and soul is craving.
Why not? Well…parental pressure, societal pressure, money pressure, practical vs passion, should do vs want to do…and all of these pressures can make us so fearful to truly live – let alone be happy while living.
But the true essence of life is to KNOW YOURSELF.
YOU need to know who you are at your core, then get in alignment with that core.
The best way to describe what alignment is to describe what it isn’t.
Being out of Alignment is:
• feeling stuck in jobs without meaning,
• relationships that aren’t fulfilling our deep desires,
• lives that feel unhealthy, boring, dull, and mediocre at best – or worse; toxic, draining, and unfulfilling to our soul.
Somewhere along the way we’ve lost the magic.
Being IN Alignment is the opposite of that.
It’s loving our jobs or careers, being in harmony in our relationships, being in our best health
and most importantly feeling good in our skin.
To get in alignment you need to ask yourself a few questions:
• what do I want?
• Why do I want it?
• what do I not want in my life?
• what or who I am tolerating?
• What and why am I putting up with it?
I know you know what I mean –when someone asks you; “How are you doing?” – how often do you say, or truly, deeply feel; “I feel fantastic!”? Right, that’s my point.
That’s when the real work begins – you need to do the SHADOW WORK.
What is shadow work?
Well take my “Are you ready to face your shadow?” quiz.
Shadow work is going deep within – beyond the logic, beyond the should, beyond the ‘what will they think?’
Here is where you will find:
1 Your soul’s DESIRE.
2 Your FEARS.
But it’s only in the SHADOW WORK that you will be able to overcome and slay your fears.
And that’s when you can fully step into your SOUL’S DESIRE to live and work in a space of 100% true alignment.
And uncovering that …your shadow self, your soul’s desire, your true alignment – you can then share your soul story with the world and create impact in other people’s lives.
Because, really, that is what we are here to do on earth – to make a difference and to create impact.
But it all starts with you making a difference in your life first.
So, I encourage you…. for you to get to KNOW YOU at your deepest core so that you can fully love and accept yourself…. to DEEPLY know your own beauty, your value and worthiness without question. (thank you Tosha Silver).

My Truth

2020 is THE year of extreme change (change is challenging – extreme change is scary AF).

It is the most bizarre and yet most profound year of my life thus far, and I am turning 54 in a few days.
There have been so many occasions where I have gone into extreme fear mode, feeling like I have nothing to hang my hat on that feels safe and secure.
And I am a hippy-gypsy, risk taker at heart.
Instead of going over the deep end, I have been looking at this year as MY year of REINVENTION.
We were blind sided with this virus (all conspiracy theories aside), and no matter how it has effected you – positively or negatively – you are not the same person now or ever will be, as who you were going into this thing.
 Everyone on the planet is affected by these times, no matter of gender, age, orientation, race, creed, bias, rich or poor, whether you are a lover or a hater (with an incredible amount of love vs hate going on).
What’s come up for me these past 6 months is my internal, deep-rooted need for feeling safe and secure.
 First I had to clear up the external feelings of lack of safety about money and business.
Then I was able to work on my core root feelings of not being safe (which is not something I set out to do – it just showed up!).
I have spent a great deal of my time and energy going to the depths of my psyche and being-ness, with the help of psychedelics, breath work, EFT (thank God for you Corby!), doing and being in a space of natural nothingness to explore the crushing fears that always loom in the background (and that I have craftly ignored in my busy-ness for most of my life!).
Now I was face to face with the beast. Holy shit she was/is one scary monster!
These times have forced me to look my beast in the eye, not to slay her, but to embrace and love her (after all she has kept me safe – ironic!).
My beast has ‘forced’ me to look at the truth.
My Truth.
(As I write this I still have a fear of judgement from others – probably why it took me three weeks to write this).
So REINVENTION is a beautiful outcome but the journey there is scary AF.
Why? Because it can’t happen without doing this one thing first: DISCONNECT from the old self.
 Shit – the old self is safe because it’s what I know!
You have to embrace it and go through the dark tunnel of the unknown, a journey you need to take alone, but with support on the sidelines.
Disconnection is a contraction and it needs to be grieved – in order to create the expansion – which is Connection to the other side.
It deserve a ceremony, because without that part, you would not be here today!
Disconnection is two-fold: external (divorce, losing a job, moving, losing weight, health, death of a loved one and so on);
and internal (patterns and habits of behaviours, thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires and fears).
In this process of disconnection, I let go of my business, money, pre-2020 future life plans (all things that kept me feeling safe and secure).
That’s when the beast showed up, which I am eternally grateful for.
Not gonna lie, I battle the beast daily, but from a place of witnessing myself, my old thought patterns and beliefs and honouring the death of the old me.
Note: I am truly saddened by the harsh outcome this pandemic caused because so many people lost their
lives and their loved ones.
I feel they paid the heavy price for world reinvention and for the rest of us who choose to personally reinvent.
I am deeply grateful for their sacrifice.
My gift back to the world is to step into My Truth so that I can serve the world in a bigger, bolder way.
I wonder where my life would be right now if it weren’t for all things pandemic- It makes me shiver to think about it now that I see the light at the end of that dark tunnel of the unknown (not without a lot of scared shitless moments).
It’s allowed me to grow in every area of my life, to re-evaulate how I think and feel about my body, my age, my ’status’, my values, goals, desires, wants, don’t wants, people, family…basically everything has been reinvented, reborn.
Make no mistake, there is this ’no man’s land’ or ‘dark hole’ between Disconnection and Reinvention.
If you can stomach it, it’s a trip of a lifetime and so worth it.