Helping people use psychedelic journeys to heal their past, reconnect with their essence, and feel a deep sense of peace and joy.


Elevating Consciousness through Psychedelic Journeys and Integration

I’m Odette – Plant Medicine Guide, Spiritual Ally & Psychedelic Integration Coach.

And I’m here to walk you home.

But what is home, where is our home?

To me, coming home means arriving at the centre of who we are… meeting our soul, our spirit, the epicentre of our true self, where joy, well-being, spiritual integrity, and inner peace reside.


Yet many of us feel lost. Our lives feel like an unsolvable puzzle… an emptiness that we can’t quite put our finger on.

We’re stuck in jobs without meaning, relationships that aren’t fulfilling our deep desires, lives that feel boring, dull, and mediocre at best – or worse; toxic, draining, and unfulfilling to our soul.

Somewhere along the way we’ve lost the magic.

And for those committed to finding it again, it feels extra frustrating when we’re just not getting the breakthrough we crave.
The road seems long and never-ending – like there’s no end in sight.





Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery & Experience

a Blend of Ancient and Modern Healing Ceremonies at the


May 26 – June 1, 2024

Can you relate?

You’ve been on a path of personal growth but keep hitting the same blocks over and over.

You feel stuck in your old patterns, wounds, or trauma, and just can’t seem to move past your anxiety, depression, PTSD, or whatever it is that holds you back.

You’ve tried all kinds of healing modalities whether it’s talk therapy, tapping, reading self-help books, ra-ra seminars that pump you up for the day…. maybe even putting crystals on your third eye (yup me too!), but nothing really works – nothing goes deep enough to settle your feeling of “there must be more”.

Or you might find yourself asking if you’re just expecting too much. Maybe you should settle and be grateful instead?

You’re out of alignment and it’s frustrating as hell.

I know exactly what that feels like. Because I’ve been there myself.
I’d been a seeker and an achiever my entire life.

I believed that all I needed to be happy was a big house, a 7-figure business, a family, a white picket fence…
you know the drill. (And even as I write this, it all still sounds so wonderful)!

So I worked hard to tick off all the boxes:


I got married,

had kids,

moved to the suburbs,

and built my career.

After building multiple businesses over the years, always striving to be on top, I finally hit a milestone in 2018… one I had always dreamed of:
In one weekend, I made a whopping $250,000 from an audience of 18 people. As a speaker coach, I was now considered to be one of the gurus – I had cracked the formula.

But you know what? Instead of feeling ecstatic or proud, I felt empty or that I could have still done more.
People around me would say “Are you kidding me?

What more do you want?”

Then the guilt and shame set in. Why was I never enough? Where was my happiness? It wasn’t here.

Meanwhile, I had lived a life in the fast lane when it came to personal development – years of investing in expensive coaches, 100’s of programs, reading books, experimenting with all kinds of conventional (and not-so-conventional) healing methods to fix me.
I had tried (almost) everything to help me find that missing piece to my puzzle … but NOTHING had gone to the root of my discontentment.

And while I had cracked the formula and could have just gone on making money, I completely lost my drive and passion.
I stopped all of my business activities and fell into a depression.

By that point I was so desperate I would have tried ANYTHING.

When I was invited to a retreat in Costa Rica that included Ayahuasca, I said yes on a whim.
Aya – what?? I’d never heard of it before…

No words can express the experience I had when I went into that jungle.
I swallowed the medicine.
And I can only describe it like this:
I saw who I had become. It wasn’t pretty.
The deepest and darkest part of myself reared its ugly head.
But I could see it all with clarity and compassion.
The brutal anxiety that had driven me to control everything around me for my entire life, dissolved into a gaping hole.
And there it was: the truest essence of myself.
And I was beautiful.
My heart.
My soul.
My spirit.
Buried under a mountain of shame and guilt. Rejection and sadness.
And I could let it all go.
I felt a burden lifting off my shoulders that I didn’t even know had been there.

For the first time in my life, I felt whole and complete.
For the first time.
I was 52 years old.

All it took had already been inside of me.
And a little cup of sticky, horrible tasting plant juice from the Amazon helped me see it.

As I kept coming back for more – more than I can count with my two hands – ceremony after ceremony led me deeper into my authentic self, helped me find my voice. The path I was meant to walk lit up right in front of me.

And that’s how I found my way home.

Spiritual Alliance

Now, over to you…

What would it feel like if you could let your mind go, feeling a deep sense of peace – your heart radiant and open?

What would your life be like if you were free of your shackles, your limitations, your worries, your fears?

What if you let your walls come down, your true essence bursting through…

Willing to move into the next layer and face your shadows?
Ready to breakthrough?
Take my 3-min quiz to find out if you are ready to go a level deeper

Imagine just for a second…

Nothing is holding you back anymore: hurt and pain from the past has dissolved

 Any anger, blame, or resentment has turned into an old story, – one you can tell with compassion for your old self and those that have hurt you

Your relationships are thriving and filled with real intimacy,  joy, and mutual respect – and the ones that aren’t aligned have fallen away

You are finally living your life, on your terms – turning                               old dreams and ideas into reality, daring to fail, daring to succeed, daring to be seen for all that you are

What would your life look like?
What would it feel like?

It’s time to look within.
Because that truest version of you is already inside of you.
You must reconnect with your essence.

About Odette

Odette Peek is a certified Psychedelic Integration Coach and Plant Medicine Guide.

As a business leader, Odette has worked with thousands of people helping them build successful businesses through mindset and Soul Story work.

After realizing she needed to stop looking for validation and approval in the outside world, she went on a soul-shaking journey into the jungle, where a psychedelic experience finally brought her back to herself.

She is now on a mission to share the beautiful gifts she has uncovered in the spirit and power of plant medicine with people that are looking for
deep healing and alignment so they can finally find the peace and joy
they have been craving in their life for so long.

Odette holds a degree in Clinical and Social Psychology, and a diploma in Social Service work, with a varied scope of experience: Odette was known as the ‘Erin Brockovich’, aka case manager, for families with children who suffered from developmental disabilities, including autism.

She is trained in suicide intervention and prevention and has worked for the Victorian Order of Nurses in their Gerontology department. Her true passion was working with those of all ages who were palliative and their bereaved families.

In her work, Odette draws on integrative, holistic approaches such as mind-body therapy, relational and family counselling, mindfulness, career and business coaching and has extensive experience in guiding and supporting her clients with challenging circumstances such as interpersonal conflict, trauma, grief, anxiety, and depression.

Odette’s favourite thing in the world is travelling to soulful places and letting her soul wander with the help of sound healing, sweat lodges, meditation, breath work, and shamanic healing ceremonies.

At the age of 54, Odette sold and gave away everything she owned in Canada and made the final move to live in Costa Rica.


I help spiritual seekers use psychedelic journeys to transform their lives and move into a state of embodied self-worth, deep alignment and deep-rooted, inner peace, and joy. As a certified Psychedelic Integration Coach, I offer not only guided ceremonies but specialize in psychedelic integration services for individuals and groups, pre- and post-ritual coaching,

helping you intentionally prepare and mindfully integrate your learning
after your experience (this is often the forgotten piece!).

Follow the links below to find out more in-depth information about my one-on-one private and group  ceremonies. 

In addition, I offer consultations for those considering psychedelics as the next step on their healing journey.

We Cover…

​Addressing any personal fears or concerns

Setting intentions in alignment with your individual needs

‘Set and Setting’, and safety protocol

Reflecting and understanding of your experience

Processing trauma and challenges you might have discovered

Alchemizing your insights into tangible takeaways for your daily life, path, relationships, and future endeavors

Why hire a certified Psychedelic Integration Coach?

Integration is EVERYTHING.

Going on a plant medicine or psychedelic journey is no easy feat.
It offers us an insight into our own psyche that would otherwise require a lifetime of shadow work,
take years to untangle, or may never be uncovered at all.

But seeing your truth doesn’t automatically equal improvement in your well-being.
To use our experiences as tools for growth we need to get deeper into our authenticity,
shed light in the dark places inside ourselves so that we may shine that light back out into the world.

I keep you focused on the true purpose of the journey and together we develop and
hold your intention so you can walk your path with courage, trust, and an open heart.

We prepare by honing in on the three keys to a successful experience:
set, setting, and intention to make sure you feel safe and held during your journey.

Together we process emotions and trauma that may (or may not) reveal itself during your journey.
We translate them into a cohesive story to express your truth and turn them into positive stepping stones towards new meaning and purpose in your life.

Being in alignment IS our direct connection to Source.

With my help you can fully step into what I call ‘Spiritual Alliance’ –
a state where you are deeply connected to Source; knowing and trusting that Spirit is there to guide you.

Once you are ‘plugged in’, you are fully trusting and surrendering to your life, your heart wide open,
one with the universe.

And you will have become the creator of your life.

What others Say about Working with Odette

Odette’s coaching has literally transformed me from the inside out. Together we mapped out a plan for my life and my career, and letting go what does not serve me anymore. I have such a beautiful life – thank you! 🙏🏼 A.S.

Odette has helped me gain the clarity I so desperately needed. She helped me get past the noise in my head, the pain in my heart and the fear in my ability to take action. I am finally, finally! able to move forward in a new, healthy relationship with myself (and my new partner)! C.P.

With Odette’s coaching, I finally found the root cause of why I was feeling so stuck in every area of my life. Odette lifted the veil that had cast a dark shadow for most of my life. I’ve never felt more self aware, and self accepting – to say I love myself used to be impossible, but now, I wake up every morning truly feeling alive!  B.F.

I used to suffer from extreme anxiety and depression because of a childhood trauma. Odette’s coaching was the light at the end of a really dark tunnel. Her patience, understanding and guidance was the strength I needed to redefine my life on my own terms. Thank you so much Odette!  V.C.


I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with me today.
I’m ready to hold a sacred container for you and your experience and guide you through this
special journey that your soul has chosen.

Are you ready?


We offer Spiritual Alliance Retreats for those seeking deeper immersion.
Events are held in  Costa Rica, and other locations upon request.

Please contact us directly at for private retreats and events.

Past Events…


Please note that while this event is geared towards business owners, 

we offer all kinds of immersions, not limited to entrepreneurs.

Psychedelic Integration Therapy is about harm reduction and post-integration support.
Medicine is served only in places as legally permitted by location.