Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery & Experience

a Blend of Ancient and Modern Healing Ceremonies at the


May 26 – June 1, 2024

A 6 Night / 7 Day Ceremonial Experience at

The Peace Retreat in the Guanacaste Region in Costa Rica

What I dream for you at this retreat is simple:

I want you to reconnect with nature, find a sense of groundedness,
and explore the quiet depth of your inner world.
This retreat is your chance to peel back the layers,
to discover and celebrate the true you in the heart of Costa Rica’s beauty.

I understand you’re yearning for more…


…For the deeper purpose

…For genuine connection

…For vibrant aliveness

You’ve sought it in places society promised would fulfill you: careers, material things, family – yet, despite these pursuits, you find yourself feeling as if you’re never quite enough, always searching for the missing piece that would make it all complete.

That piece you’re looking for is YOU, your SOUL, the essence of you who truly are at your core.

Beyond your current self lies a vast expanse of potential — yet, life got in the way somehow: our narratives, life experiences, upbringing, and societal expectations and norms cast shadows over who we truly are. They leave us chasing goals, living out someone else’s dream, and of course, we feel like we’re never enough.

Many clients come to us with the same pain:

  • The emptiness and longing for something more profound in life.
  • The battle with feelings of inadequacy and disconnection from your true self, lost amid external achievements and validation. 
  • The overwhelm from the relentless demands of jobs and personal obligations. 
  • The guilt or hesitation in making self-care and personal growth a priority. 
  • The deep yearning for a purpose and connection that resonate with your soul.

You already know there is something more for you. Beyond your current self lies a vast expanse of potential — the essence of who you truly are at your core.

At the SOUL JOURNEY RETREAT IN COSTA RICA, we invite you to come and embark with us on this journey of rediscovery. Amidst the breathtaking beauty of nature, you’ll find the magic and support to start bringing your full self alive. 

Feeling Fully Alive is your Birthright. Claim Yours!


RECHARGE and immerse yourself in the lush jungles of Costa Rica, where peace and natural beauty rejuvenate your spirit and help you align with your true self.

DIVE DEEP with the help of healing ceremonies and ancient traditions, unlocking insights and truths beyond the thinking mind.

COME ALIVE with renewed energy and purpose. Shed what holds you back, awakening to a vibrant, joyful life with inner peace.

Struggle for perfection

“My journey through life’s ups and downs, from family to career changes, has led me to a profound realization: the power of inner peace and self-discovery.”

~ Odette Peek

Ready? Here’s What is Awaiting You on the Journey…

Dive Deep with a Blend of Ancient and Modern Healing Ceremonies

For 7 days, you’ll experience a curated selection of powerful ceremonies, bridging ancient wisdom with contemporary healing practices. 

Each ceremony included in the retreat is designed for gentle exploration and a deeper connection to your authentic self, within a safe and supportive environment.

Psilocybin Journey: A Path to Emotional Healing and Insight

Embark on a transformative Psilocybin journey, guided into an altered state of consciousness under the watchful eye of a professional plant medicine ceremonialist, psychedelic integration coach and a team to fully support you.

This ceremony offers a profound opportunity for deep emotional healing and the discovery of insights that transcend the limitations of your everyday mind.

From preparation through to the ceremony and beyond, every step is carefully designed to ensure a meaningful, safe, and transformative journey.

Included in your retreat package is an essential post-retreat integration call. This follow-up session is a cornerstone of the experience, providing you with the support needed to weave your newfound insights seamlessly into the fabric of your daily life.

Heart Opening Ceremony

Coupled with the Psilocybin Journey, you will experience  a transformative Heart Opening Ceremony, dedicated to nurturing your emotional well-being.  This journey is crafted to gently open your heart, enabling deep emotional healing and fostering a profound sense of empathy and connection.

Throughout this intimate experience, you will be supported in exploring the vast landscapes of your emotions, uncovering and dissolving barriers to love and connection. The ceremony serves as a powerful conduit to deeper self-understanding and the cultivation of meaningful relationships.

“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.” – Rick Warren

Sound Healing Ceremony

Experience the harmonizing power of sound healing, using vibrations to bring deep relaxation and balance to body, mind and soul.

Cacao Ceremony

Participate in a heart-opening cacao ceremony, using ceremonial-grade cacao to foster connection, inner healing, and spiritual awareness.

Sweat Lodge

Get your sweat on with the ancient practice of a sweat lodge ceremony for detoxification, purification, and profound spiritual reflection.

Find Your Inner Sanctuary – Soulful Activities,
Surrounded by Nature and a Supportive Community by Your Side

Deeply connect with yourself and others through our carefully curated all-inclusive activities, the nurturing spirit of nature, and the strength of community. 

Walk to Beach – Jungle Experience

Enjoy a scenic walk through the lush jungle, leading to pristine beaches, blending adventure with the tranquility of nature.

Yoga Daily

Daily yoga sessions amidst nature’s tranquility to come back to your body, find peace in gentle movement, and promote mental clarity.

Fire Pit Night

An evening of connection and relaxation by a crackling fire, sharing stories, and enjoying the peaceful ambiance.

Star Gazing

Marvel at the night sky’s beauty and vastness, offering a moment of introspection and cosmic wonder.

Free Time

Leisure time for your exploration, reflection, or simply enjoying the serene environment and retreat facilities.

Integration Circle

A supportive space to share experiences and insights, fostering a sense of community, personal growth, and healing.

Recharge in Your Home Away From Home

You’ll be staying at the beautiful Peace Retreat located in the heart of the Guanacaste Region, where comfort meets the untouched beauty of Costa Rica.

The Peace Retreat is a vibrant, boutique-style sanctuary featuring the Nourish at Peace Restaurant, Yoga Shala and Studio, Pool Area, Spa with Massage & Body Treatments, dedicated Ceremonial spaces, and a small store offering locally crafted clothing, jewelry, and souvenirs.

Surrounded by lush, tropical landscapes, our space offers a perfect blend of natural elegance and cozy accommodations.

Choose The Lodging Option That Best Suits Your Needs

All accommodation options are shared. Prices are per person and listed in USD.

Early Bird pricing until March 10 – Get $200 OFF


Two single beds + private bathroom + A/C

Ideal for: Individuals or pairs seeking comfort and privacy

$2,550 + tax

Om and Shanti Room

One queen bed and one single bed, private bathroom

Ideal for: Guests who enjoy a natural breeze and a cozy setting

$2,450 + tax


Two single beds, shared community bathroom

Ideal for: Friends or solo travelers

$2,250 + tax

A Personal Invitation From Your Retreat Guide & Facilitator Odette Peek

Welcome to the Soul Journey Retreat – my name is Odette and I’m a Psychedelic Integration Coach, Plant Medicine Ceremonialist and Founder of Spiritual Alliance. 

My journey through life’s ups and downs, from family to career changes, has led me to a profound realization: the power of inner peace and self-discovery. 

What I dream for you at this retreat is simple: I want you to reconnect with nature, find a sense of groundedness, and explore the quiet depth of your inner world. This retreat is your chance to peel back the layers, to discover and celebrate the true you in the heart of Costa Rica’s beauty. 

I’m looking forward to guiding you on this journey of self-discovery and healing.

Please reach out to me with any questions & concerns.  

In service of your greatest transformation, XO


More about Odette HERE

Hear From Clients Past & Present

Hear From Clients
Past & Present

Odette creates transformative experiences that help you to excavate deep inside yourself including in the places you fear most, yet always feel safe and supportive.

Ondrea C.

Odette really made  me  feel safe. The care and attention she spends is incredible. She was so good at pinpointing the core struggle I had  growing up and helped me release it. If you get a chance to work with her, do it! I promise it will be a magical and healing experience that you will cherish forever.

Jeff R.

I’ve attended many ceremonies over the years and working with Odette has been the most transformational experience I’ve ever had. I felt so held and supported that I was able to fully surrender to the process and allow myself to feel and release the deepest of emotions – the ones that were holding me back from truly living my life.

Mary P.

If it weren’t for Odette’s gentle and loving approach, I don’t think I could have done a psychedelic journey. She made me feel so safe, that she ‘had my back’ while I was deep in my journey. Growing up, I  had anxiety and depression and crippling feelings of hopelessness. Working with Odette gave me back my hope and my life.

Jim D.

I never really felt good enough. I lost sight of who I was and what I really wanted. I had heard about psychedelics helping people find happiness and joy – something I desperately craved. But I was scared to try it. I never even smoked a cigarette! I was referred by a friend who worked with Odette and I instantly felt connected when we had our first call. If it wasn’t for Odette, I am scared to think of where my life would be right now. 

Sue I.

Here’s What’s Included – A Recap:

  • Accommodation: 6 nights in your chosen lodging option, ranging from serene bungalows with private bathrooms and A/C to communal cabinas with shared facilities. (If you would like to come early or stay longer, that may be possible).
  • Three nourishing meals per day: Featuring local, fresh ingredients. Dietary requirements are catered for with prior notice.
  • Transportation from and to airport: Round-trip airport transfers from Liberia International Airport to ensure a smooth journey to and from the retreat, are included  in the retreat package. See FAQ for more details.
  • Ceremonies and Workshops: Access to all ceremonies, including the cacao ceremony, sweat lodge, sound healing and psilocybin journey, guided by experienced professionals.

  • Consultation: One private 20 minute session with Odette during the retreat.
  • Integration Support: One post-retreat integration call to assist in applying your insights and experiences into your daily life.
  • Yoga Sessions: Daily yoga to rejuvenate body and mind, suitable for all levels.
  • Additional Amenities: Use of the retreat’s facilities, including the pool area, spa area (treatments at additional cost), and dedicated ceremonial spaces.  
  • Community and Connection: Opportunities to connect with a like-minded community through group activities, communal meals, and shared experiences.
  • Market: Local vendors artisan marketplace (at Peace Retreat).

Your Investment in Your Soul Journey

Prices range from $2250 – $2,85o USD + tax, depending on your selected accommodation option, ensuring a range of choices to suit your needs and preferences. (based on shared accommodation, private rooms available for an additional $380 usd).

You’re Invited to Dive Deep into Your Soul’s Essence,

and Witness Your Whole Self Emerge in Vibrant Aliveness


MAY 26 – JUNE 1, 2024

Early Bird pricing until March 10 – Get $200 OFF

Your first step is filling out the application form. Odette will personally review your submission, and you’ll be invited to book a 1:1 call to discuss further details. 

Please note: To reserve your place, a non-refundable deposit will be required upon acceptance. This ensures a thoughtful and cohesive group experience.

“Be still. Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity.” Lao Tzu

Your first step is filling out the application form. Odette will personally review your submission, and you’ll be invited to book a 1:1 call to discuss further details. 

Please note: To reserve your place, a non-refundable deposit will be required upon acceptance. This ensures a thoughtful and cohesive group experience.

“Be still. Stillness reveals the secrets of eternity.” Lao Tzu

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure I'm ready.

Feeling uncertain about taking this step is natural. It’s a sign that you’re on the brink of something transformative. Ask yourself: “If not now, when? If not you, who? And if it’s a no today, then when will it be a yes?”  This retreat is designed to meet you where you are, offering a path to discover what you’re truly capable of in a supportive and nurturing environment. It’s about taking that leap of faith into your own growth and potential.

What airport do I need to fly into?

You fly into Liberia airport, and from there we will organize transport directly to the retreat center (and return to Liberia airport) so you can arrive stress-free! There will be two time slots available for pick up (May 26)  and return trip (June 1)  – if these time slots don’t work for you, we will organize your private driver for an additional $100 USD.

How safe is traveling to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a popular holiday destination in Central America and is considered safe to travel, including solo travelers. Your transport to and from the airport is included, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about! 

Do I need to have a certain level of fitness?

There will be movement classes available, such as daily yoga but you don’t have to have a certain fitness level to participate. You can always choose to opt out of any activity as you please. There is no mandatory participation and we encourage you to choose what’s best for you.

I have special dietary requirements.

Our retreat center will cater nourishing food with vegan and vegetarian options. Please let us know of any special dietary requirements during the onboarding process.

Who else is taking part in the program?

We will be a small and curated group of like-minded, soul aligned seekers. Connecting and witnessing each other’s growth is an important aspect of the experience and we hope that friendships will be formed beyond the duration of the event.

Will I have any free time?

Yes, plenty! Our retreat is designed to give you ample time to rest, play and rejuvenate.

What can I do in my free time?

You can go hiking in the lush green jungles, dip your toes in the water down by the beach, or just soak up some sun at the end of a day (Costa Rica is known for breathtaking sunsets!). There are also spa treatments and womb healing treatments available upon request and plenty of other adventurous activities like kayaking, and ziplining that you can book in addition to the activities included in the retreat (you can request additional information during your onboarding with The Peace Retreat).

Is there WIFI? Can I work or be in touch with friends & family?

Yes, there is wifi access at the retreat center but we’d love for you to unplug as much as possible. The more time and space you have, the more you will get out of your time at the retreat.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” Anne Lamott

Is airfare included?

Everything but the airfare is included. The event is all-inclusive but  you organize and pay for  your own flights.

What type of ceremonies will be held?

Plant medicine, psilocybin, and sacred ceremonies are ancient healing methods that provide us with a whole new level of experiencing transformation beyond our normal mind. It enables a glimpse inside your soul and a deep connection to your heart, feeling the sacred love and care of the universe at the core of your being. Plant medicine also offers an energetic clearing that is almost impossible to achieve at our normal state of consciousness. We are offering a gentle mushroom experience, perfect for someone who has not experimented with altered states of consciousness.

What should I pack for the retreat?

A packing list will be provided upon registration, but essentials include comfortable clothing for yoga, ceremonies  and outdoor activities, a swimsuit for beach excursions, sunscreen, insect repellent, and personal items. Remember, Costa Rica’s weather can vary, so bring layers.

Are there any health requirements or restrictions?

Please inform us of any health conditions or concerns during the onboarding process. It’s also recommended to consult with your healthcare provider before attending, especially if participating in medicine ceremonies.  You are required to get  health coverage to protect you if anything should arise while being out of your host country.

Can I arrive earlier or stay later than the retreat dates?

If you wish to extend your stay in Costa Rica beyond the retreat dates, The Peace Retreat may be able to extend  your  accommodation before and after the event  but these extensions are not covered by the retreat package. Please enquire during your onboarding process with The Peace Retreat directly as all logistical details are handled by them – once you’re all signed up and the deposit is paid.

How large are the groups in each retreat?

To ensure a personal and intimate experience, our retreats are limited in the  number of  participants. This allows for deeper connections and more personalized guidance.

What is the cancellation policy?

Deposits are non-refundable. Balance owing 45 days before the start of retreat (April 11th, 2024) and non-refundable after that date so we can meet our financial obligation to the retreat center.

Will there be any 1:1 sessions with Odette?

Yes there will be an opportunity to book a private 20 minute  1:1 session with Odette during the retreat. These sessions offer a deeper dive into personal development and integration work. There is no extra cost for this during the retreat.

Is there medical support available during the retreat?

The safety and well-being of our participants are paramount. Any current medical issues and medications need to be addressed in the application form. Our staff is trained to handle health concerns promptly and efficiently.

How do I prepare for the ceremonies?

Preparation guidelines will be shared well in advance of the retreat, including dietary recommendations, mental and emotional preparation tips, and what to expect during the ceremonies. It’s important to follow these guidelines closely for the most beneficial experience.

I have another question that isn’t answered here!

No problem! Just email my team at awaken@spiritualalliance.ca and we’ll help you with any further questions. 

You’re Invited to Dive Deep into Your Soul’s Essence,

and Witness Your Whole Self Emerge in Vibrant Aliveness


MAY 26 – JUNE 1, 2024

Still Unsure?
Keep Reading and Immerse Yourself
in a Sample Day at the Soul Journey Retreat


As morning breaks over the lush Costa Rican landscape, your day begins with the gentle sounds of the jungle awakening. 


  Yoga: Your day starts  with a yoga session on an open deck surrounded by the rich greenery of the Guanacaste region. As you move through the poses, you’re not just stretching your body but grounding your spirit and preparing yourself for the day’s journey ahead.

Nourishing Breakfast: After yoga, enjoy a nourishing breakfast made with local, fresh ingredients at the Nourish at Peace Restaurant and let yourself be fuelled for the immersive experiences of the day.


Jungle Experience: Have a stroll to the beach through the vibrant jungle before the sun hits its highest point. This is an opportunity to connect with nature, observe the rich biodiversity, and perhaps even spot some wildlife. 

Lunch & Afternoon  

Cacao Ceremony: After returning to the retreat center and enjoying a light, energizing lunch, you’ll participate in a heart-opening cacao ceremony. This ancient ritual uses ceremonial-grade cacao to foster connection, inner healing, and spiritual awareness, setting the stage for deeper self-exploration.

Free Time: The afternoon offers free time for personal reflection, relaxation at the spa, or leisurely exploring the retreat’s surroundings. It’s a moment to process the morning’s experiences or simply enjoy the peace and serenity of the location.


Communal Dinner: A communal dinner brings everyone together to share their experiences and reflections of the day. The meal, prepared with local ingredients, supports both your physical nourishment and your sense of community.


Fire Pit Night: The day concludes with everyone gathering around the fire pit. This is a time for storytelling, sharing insights, or simply enjoying the tranquil ambiance and the star-filled sky above.


As you retire to your room, the sounds of the jungle at night lull you into a peaceful sleep, your heart and mind enriched by the day’s adventures, ready for what tomorrow brings on your soul journey.

I look forward to seeing you at the Soul Journey Retreat. 

Your Soul will Thank You.