You might already know that I am hosting a retreat in Costa Rica next month. It’s not my usual business retreats that I have done in the past – it is a retreat that is way more important than that.

This retreat is for YOU. I know this is challenging, to focus solely on you but when you take time away from it all, that focus on you changes everything for your business, for your family and kids, for your entire life.

I’d like you to take a moment and NOT think about the planning, the logistics, where it is being held – I want you to think about what it would feel like if you could experience exactly what you want right here and now.

Step into THAT feeling, that desire, that ‘oh if only I could be/do/have IT NOW’ …. and not some time down the road when the business is more successful, the kids are older, the spouse is not afraid of spending money (or you for that matter).

Struggle for perfection

What is this retreat truly all about?
It is about being held and supported in an energetic container with a group of people who want exactly what you want and are struggling with the same reasons or excuses or fears and doubts that you have, as to why you are not there now.

This retreat gets you from where you are right now, to where you want to go.


Easily. Quickly.

In this retreat in Costa Rica, we will:

What do I REALLY want to do with my life (and who do I want to BE while doing)?

I moved to Costa Rica in August 2021!

Switching gears, I trained in plant medicine guiding and psychedelic integration coaching. Crazy I know!


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Get to the heart of what you want.

I help you get out of your head and into your heart and express freely and easily what isn’t working for you in your current life so you can create what your heart and soul have been missing all these years.

Be doing fun things (change is in the experiential not in the lecture).

When you experience your TRUTH, and not be told what your truth is by someone else, that is when the shifts and changes take root – through your choice.

Commune with rain forest nature and ocean energy.

Being in the depths of mother nature has a natural healing and transformational effect on our whole being. I chose the Peace Retreat because it will bring you inner peace, raise your vibration and give you the space to breath.

Move our bodies, move our soul, and expand our heart (the thinking mind gets a true vacation).

Daily yoga or body movement of your choice clears the energy pathways within your whole body and mind and gives you strength to do the inner work at The Soul Journey Retreat. Your mind probably does most of the work and this is a week you allow it to just rest and relax.

You retreating with me is a true honour for me and there is no other way I would want to spend my time – witnessing joy expansion and getting unstuck from it all.

‘Back home’ Integration starts before you leave the retreat.

When you get home, you will:

    • Feel more joy and abundance.
    • Ask for what you want (from your family AND job).
    • Let go of the toxic stuff (and people) in your life.
    • Feel great in your own skin.
    • Greater clarity on YOUR TRUTH.
    • Expand your financial abundance.
    • Have deeper and more intimate
    • Prioritize

All in a personalized ACTION PLAN.

This is truly a special retreat.

A special group of people who will support you, uplift you and carry you along.

You will want to do the same for them.

 Join us.

Now is not soon enough.

A 6 Night / 7 Day Ceremonial Experience at

The Peace Retreat in the Guanacaste Region in Costa Rica

What I dream for you at this retreat is simple:

I want you to reconnect with nature, find a sense of groundedness,
and explore the quiet depth of your inner world.
This retreat is your chance to peel back the layers,
to discover and celebrate the true you in the heart of Costa Rica’s beauty.