After my last blog on how psychedelics changed my life, I had quite a few ‘how did they help’ questions.🧐

We all have an inner healer that goes beyond our intuition and gut feeling.
 Intuition is our inner knowing of what feels good and is good for our well being (or what is not good – whether we listen or not).🥺
Our inner healer takes this knowing to a deeper level where transformation occurs.
For transformation to occur one needs to face their trauma, wound, or pain. 👹
From personal experience, this can feel super scary and really hard to do!
When we are traumatized or wounded we disconnect from self (the truest truth of who we are), and our inner healer.
The trauma itself is not the cause of our pain, it is the perception of the trauma- how we relate to it. 👺
Gabor Mate explains this well.
In order for us to cope with the emotional pain of the wound, this disconnection from self is our safety mechanism
for survival.
Being disconnected from self shows up as; shutting down emotions and feelings, being guarded, angry, depressed, anxious, fearing vulnerability, staying away from people or places, lack joy or happiness, not engaging, addictions, and so on.😪
After a traumatization, it is very difficult to stay or get back to self because we have created a fortress around ourselves to keep us safe (mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically).
But in doing so, we also trap our trauma inside of ourselves.
In essence, we are in the cage with the monster.👿
Healing takes place when we surrender and let go of the trauma – to our inner healer (aided by external support).
Sounds simple yet feels impossible.
This is where the beauty of psychedelics can help. 🍄
How? Psychedelics help quiet the thinking, rational and logical mind, that has kept our trauma trapped in our bodies, alive, for years.
In MDMA clinical trials of war veterans suffering from PTSD, for example, MDMA holds the space for someone to process the trauma by opening up the psyche and shutting down the Amygdala, the part of the brain that processes emotions of fear, fight, flight, or freeze response, and helps process the traumatic memory in a loving, gentle, beautiful container while the inner healer gets in there and does its job – heal the wound without retraumatization.
It’s in this container, guided by healers, that we can surrender to the psychedelic experience.🎆
Rigid or controlling people may find the letting go process more difficult and the use of other psychedelics or a combination of can quiet their default mode network (in essence, take it ‘offline’), allowing their ‘headiness’ to completely submit to the experience. 🧠
And as I mentioned before, it’s in this letting go process that the inner healer can do its work uninhibited.
You don’t need to be a war veteran to experience PTSD. Any form of trauma, abuse, or painful experience can shut a person down, making psychedelics a useful tool for almost anyone to regain the connection to self.
Having experienced my own traumas (and living out my ancestral wounds), and experimented with a variety of psychedelics, I know first hand how wonderful it feels to have my inner healer working behind the scenes with the medicine, and my only role is to surrender and let go, trusting that spirit has my back as I journey into the recesses of my being-ness.
The end result is a beautiful void where the trauma used to rest, an empty space to which I can fill with love, joy, happiness, and internal, peaceful freedom.🏳️☯️💖🧘‍♀️