This is it folks – life adventure awaits!! it’s been a while since I have posted anything – and it’s a whammy. I am officially MOVING to live in Costa Rica on the 4th – tomorrow!!!. Two years I made a decision that I wanted to reignite with my hippy gypsy lifestyle I craved since I moved at the age 18 to travel Europe – living in Switzerland, Holland and England – I was gone for 5 years!
Now I am 54 years in, 2 adult children whom I will miss dearly, and a desire and passion to explore the wonderful world of the Costa Rican jungle, mountains, breath taking beach sunsets. Not going to lie – this past 2 months when the to do list kicked into HIGH gear – so much to do!
It was a crazy experience being in an ’embargo’ period of flying – my life is now in 5 suitcases. I sold my car, moved out of our place, gave away all of my furniture to my kids and sold to others, gave to charities. I literally have downsized my life to 5 suitcases (and a few bins in storage. Tomorrow is D-day and it starts at 1 am!
I have lived to the core, every emotion, every feeling, every WTF!! am I doing moments – ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I have had tremendous amount of support from so many fantastic people – you know who you are ❤ Briana Laurie my professional packer, Michaela Anneke Laurie my organizer for the house moving tasks, and so much more from them, my amazing daughters. I love you so so much – you are my sun shine, my only sun shine…I hope this inspires you to live your dreams, regardless of what others say.
I have my wonderful plant medicine community, and the plants themselves😲 guiding me down this scary as shit path. Be more in your heart and you will be ok was the message.
The hardest part for me these past few years is reading other people’s stories of health issues, cancer treatments, deaths of loved ones, failed relationships and businesses suffering – and I GET to GO and live my dream.
There is a sense of ‘why me’?. Why do I get to that and so many suffer? To you people – I am inspired by you, and my heart goes out to you finding your own peace, passion and way back to health. Stay strong.
As a healer in the plant medicine world, Plant medicine has been such a healing for me and why I am being called to be in Costa Rica as it aligns so beautifully with my heart and soul yearning to help others. Stay tuned, private and group retreats await you 🙂
In a healing journey I just partaked – thanks A and T – so much release of what does not serve me and helped me ‘close’ this chapter in a loving container to open the new book I am about to write! – the metaphor kind of book! Purda Vida😎😍