Going outside of your comfort zone is SO important.

So, I thought I would post a video of me outside of my comfort zone. I think posting the video of it was more uncomfortable than doing the actual activity. 

I recently took up belly dancing and I am the most uncoordinated dancer there is!
I can’t do the ‘pat your head and rub your belly’ simultaneously. I am one of those awkward, knocked-knee kids!

Taking the course was one uncomfortable experience because I just assumed that better and younger dancers would be in the class – which they were – but so were others like me!

The story I had created in my head about younger and better was proven wrong!


Moral of that story is that stories we make up in our head, are fiction!


So, I DECIDED that this class was going to be fun instead of embarrassing!

And here is living proof of that.

And you know what?

That BS story I made up in my head was replaced with the intention I set – that I would have FUN!

Where in your life can you have more fun!

Where in your life can you change the narrative from negative to fun?

Where in your life can you step out of your comfort zone and into something challenging so you can experience growth and expansion?

Where in your life can you shift from the BS story and rewrite the story you want to read?

Happy reading your new story!  Let’s Chat

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