I had the pleasure of being a guest on Kena Paranjape’s podcast called Be All of Who You Are”.
Please have a listen to  the podcast as it has some beautiful messages in there on how to fully step into All of who you are gratefully and more easily. I also talk about the power of plant medicine to help you on your journey of healing, growth and self discovery – self expansion.

Learning to step into all you are, especially later in life, involves a lot of unlearning and deprogramming.

We need to question our deeply held, often subconscious limiting beliefs and replace them with TRUTH:

The truth about who you are and what is possible for you.

Though I had done years of therapy and other healing modalities, it was my experience with plant medicine that allowed me to finally break free from those nagging thoughts and feelings that kept me feeling small.

My journey was led by plant medicine guide Odette Laurie, who I sat down to talk to on the podcast this week.

Tune in to the full episode to learn more about:

🍄 the process of a plant medicine ceremony
🍄 tools for healing and self-regulation
🍄 how a “midlife crisis” can lead to a midlife awakening
🍄 the importance of self-trust

I now hold retreats and work privately with folks to help them face their shadows and arise perfectly whole and loved just as they are.

Helping them heal their childhood wounds and guiding them to ask and answer wholeheartedly –what do I want for my life?

You see, you need to be ready to face yourself – all of you – the light, the dark, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Self-discovery is the first step to seeing your light, how it was dimmed (by others and self) and how to turn it on again.

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For those of you that might be really ready, I have an up-and-coming retreat in Costa Rica –I encourage you to check it out, even if you aren’t ready.

I promise you; it will spark something in you!

A 6 Night / 7 Day Ceremonial Experience at

The Peace Retreat in the Guanacaste Region in Costa Rica

What I dream for you at this retreat is simple:

I want you to reconnect with nature, find a sense of groundedness,
and explore the quiet depth of your inner world.
This retreat is your chance to peel back the layers,
to discover and celebrate the true you in the heart of Costa Rica’s beauty.