Ok, it’s time my dear sweet Soul Sister and Brother – time to share all of who you are with the world.

A few years ago, I felt lost, and so completely unfulfilled about my life.
I was stuck in old patterns, dramas, felt super anxious about life and money and everything in between.
I was trying all sorts of ways to ‘fix’ myself; conferences, seminars, self-help books, therapy, you name, it I tried it.
What I didn’t realize was that I was more than stuck – I was wounded.
I had hurts that hadn’t quite healed – childhood hurts, teenage girl hurts, job hurts, marriage, kids, divorce hurts.
I just stuffed them down and tried to ‘get over them’. I was told ‘we all have stuff happen to us’ – push through and you will be ok.
But that feeling of ‘ok’ never quite arrived and stayed with me.
But one day an opportunity presented itself to me and it was the magic that transformed my life. It’s not for everyone, but it was my salvation and I never looked back.
I uncovered my soul, my purpose. And every day since then, I have been sharing my soul story with the world and creating meaningful impact in other people’s lives. This was all possible because I created a meaningful life where I no longer feel stuck, anxious or wounded.
I’d love to tell you my whole story here, and it’s a good one, but when you get a sec go ahead and read the whole story here on my site.
Because right now I want to talk about YOU.
I want to help you uncover your Soul Story – to help you heal your wounds.
So what is a Soul Story?
Your Soul Story is the very centre of who you are. It is your inner sense of meaning and purpose.
When you follow your Soul Story, you follow your inner sense, and automatically your life fills with meaning and purpose.
When you SHARE your Soul Story, someone else’s life fills with meaning and purpose and so on and so on…that is the true ripple effect of IMPACT.
Your whole life is made up of life experiences that I call your “Soul Story Moments”. They come from life’s messy experiences, triumphs and A-Ha Moments. They can also come from being witness to other people’s experiences.
A collection of these Soul Story Moments is the foundation of your “Soul Story” and the catalyst for your Mission.
Your Soul Story is your Superpower and Super Connector to the world and is, in fact, your unique Signature.
So how do you define your Soul Story?
In one of three easy steps:
• Your Mess
• Your Moment
• Your Mission
(or you can bear witness to someone else’s Mess, Moment or Mission – think MADD or Me to We).
The problem is that most people don’t take the time to get to know themselves well enough (quite frankly who really wants to re-live the messy moments we so craftly stuff it down into repression).
The shame in that is we don’t tap into what our heart and soul is craving.
Why not? Well…parental pressure, societal pressure, money pressure, practical vs passion, should do vs want to do…and all of these pressures can make us so fearful to truly live – let alone be happy while living.
But the true essence of life is to KNOW YOURSELF.
YOU need to know who you are at your core, then get in alignment with that core.
The best way to describe what alignment is to describe what it isn’t.
Being out of Alignment is:
• feeling stuck in jobs without meaning,
• relationships that aren’t fulfilling our deep desires,
• lives that feel unhealthy, boring, dull, and mediocre at best – or worse; toxic, draining, and unfulfilling to our soul.
Somewhere along the way we’ve lost the magic.
Being IN Alignment is the opposite of that.
It’s loving our jobs or careers, being in harmony in our relationships, being in our best health
and most importantly feeling good in our skin.
To get in alignment you need to ask yourself a few questions:
• what do I want?
• Why do I want it?
• what do I not want in my life?
• what or who I am tolerating?
• What and why am I putting up with it?
I know you know what I mean –when someone asks you; “How are you doing?” – how often do you say, or truly, deeply feel; “I feel fantastic!”? Right, that’s my point.
That’s when the real work begins – you need to do the SHADOW WORK.
What is shadow work?
Well take my “Are you ready to face your shadow?” quiz.
Shadow work is going deep within – beyond the logic, beyond the should, beyond the ‘what will they think?’
Here is where you will find:
1 Your soul’s DESIRE.
2 Your FEARS.
But it’s only in the SHADOW WORK that you will be able to overcome and slay your fears.
And that’s when you can fully step into your SOUL’S DESIRE to live and work in a space of 100% true alignment.
And uncovering that …your shadow self, your soul’s desire, your true alignment – you can then share your soul story with the world and create impact in other people’s lives.
Because, really, that is what we are here to do on earth – to make a difference and to create impact.
But it all starts with you making a difference in your life first.
So, I encourage you…. for you to get to KNOW YOU at your deepest core so that you can fully love and accept yourself…. to DEEPLY know your own beauty, your value and worthiness without question. (thank you Tosha Silver).